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    • TEL:0510-83386891
    • FAX:0510-85262821
    • MOB:15050681688 楊先生
    • MOB:
    • EMAIL:332113725@qq.com
    • WEB:http://www.atendiendoarazones.com
    • ADD:New Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, South Road, East Road, East Industrial Park
    Current location:銑邊機 > en > ABOUT US >
         WuXi RiLi Millside Machine Co., Ltd is located conveniently near the international airport Shuofang,Specializing in the productions of edge milling machines and CNC edge planing machines We have strong technical strength, Advanced technology and equipments. The products structure is novel and they have shape appearance, superior control performance. which are series and complete sets sincere cooperation and common prosperity!
        Main products are edge milling machine, edge planing machine, track roller rack, Automatic machine,electrical flat-bed, Variable-bit machines such as welding equipment. Our products are widely used in boilers, pressure vessels manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power, chemical, petroleum engineering machinery, bridge construction, steel formwork, steel structure, metallurgical machinery industries, and exports to European and Asian countries.
        We adhere to the "Quality first; The credibility of the first; Services first; Not seek the most, but to better' purposes! Scientific management and reliable quality, Integrity to serve the new and old customers at home and abroad. Sincerely welcome all of the customers to visit the plant and guide. Excellent quality and after-sales service has won praise from many users.