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    Development Trend of CNC Plasma Cutting Technology at Home a

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    Development Trend of CNC Plasma Cutting Technology at Home and Abroad
       Flame cutting with cutting deformation, can not meet the needs of high-precision cutting, and cutting speed is low, before the need to preheat cutting, take time, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of unmanned operation. Plasma cutting has a wide cutting range, can cut all the metal sheet and many non-metallic materials, the maximum cutting speed of up to 10m / min, flame cutting is 10 times. Underwater cutting can eliminate the noise generated during cutting, dust, harmful gases and arc, is conducive to environmental protection, in line with the 21st century environmental requirements. At present, with the high-power plasma cutting technology mature, cutting thickness has reached 130mm, the use of water jet technology, high-power plasma cutting has cut the quality close to the lower limit of laser cutting (± 0.2mm). As the laser cutting machine is expensive, and is currently only suitable for sheet cutting (usually thick plate drilling time is long), and fine plasma cutting machine cutting accuracy up to the lower limit of laser cutting, cutting surface quality approximation, but cutting costs much lower than the laser Cutting, about its 1/3, the maximum cutting thickness of up to 12mm, so with a fine plasma cutting machine to replace the expensive laser cutting machine, is conducive to the most economical way to the larger amount of thin plate to implement high-speed fine cutting The In addition, CNC plasma cutting and automatic nesting programming software can improve the utilization of materials 5% to 10%, annual cutting 20 million t dollars, the annual savings of 100 to 200 million tons of steel, the value of billions of dollars. So in industrial developed countries have emerged to CNC plasma cutting machine to replace the flame cutting machine and laser cutting machine development trend. Therefore, it is of great significance to study and popularize CNC plasma cutting technology.